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Dual IPv4/IPv6, Web demo for PIC32MZ EC Starter Kit, made from InterNiche Source Code.

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This document provides instructions for downloading and execution of the PIC32MZ Project.

The demo includes the following functionality:

  • TCP + IPv4/IPv6
  • Simultaneous connections via IPv6 and IPv4
  • Embedded Web Server
  • Telnet, FTP Servers
  • AJAX presentation of dynamic data
  • 60 Minutes of operation
  • Technical data on InterNiche's Source Code products for PIC32


This is a dual-stack port of NicheStack 4.1 to a PIC32MZ EC Development Kit demo board. The demo consists of the HTTP Server FTP Server, and Telnet Server. The demo is time-limited to 60 minutes.

The IP address is obtained from a DHCP server or by AutoIPv4 and is displayed on the serial console at boot time.

Telnet clients can log in as ("guest", "guest") and submit CLI commands. Web browsers can log in as http://<ip address> and display product information, perform forms processing, file uploads, and execute CLI commands. FTP clients can log in as ("guest", "guest") and upload or download ASCII or binary files from the VFS file system. The same files can be transfered with TFTP. The Console is available for entering CLI commands; 115200, 8, 1, no parity, no flowcontrol.

To download the image to the target, using MPLabX 2.20, XC32 v1.33 or newer,

c:\WINDOWS\system32\java -jar c:/Program\ Files/Microchip/MPLABX/mplab_ipe/ipecmd.jar -m -p32mz2048ECH144 -finiche.hex

The image will be downloaded and run next time the board is reset (automatically at the end of download). You may need to power cycle the board to work around a hardware issue with PHY reset.


For questions or issues pertaining to NicheStack and the PIC32 target platform, please visit, or for information concerning pre-compiled networking libraries for PIC32:

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