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TCP/IPv4, web demo for LAN9303PHY and PIC32 Ethernet Starter Kit.

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This document provides instructions for downloading and execution of the PIC32_9303demo.hex Project.

The demo includes the following functionality:

  • TCP + IPv4
  • Embedded Web Server
  • AJAX presentation of dynamic data
  • Technical data on most InterNiche products
  • Dynamic presentation of LAN9303 PHY's internal counters and statistics
  • 30 Minute Time Limited Operation

Downloading and running the demo:

  1. Make the physical connection between your board (Microchip Ethernet Starter Kit, part number DM320004) and your PC (USB). Also connect the board to your network (Ethernet).
  2. Download PIC32_9303demo.hex to the location where you will build your project
  3. From the "Start Page" click on "Import Hex (Prebuilt) Project"
    • "Create Prebuilt Project" dialog box
    • "Prebuilt Filename:" Browse to the directory and select PIC32_9303demo.hex
    • "Family:" Select 32-bit MCUs (PIC32)
    • "Device:" Select the label for the PIC32MX device that you are using
    • "Supported Debug Header:" Leave alone
    • "Hardware Tool:" Scroll down. Under Microchip Starter Kits, SKDE PIC32; Select entry that start with "FN:"
    • Click "Next>"
  4. "Select Project Name and Folder" dialog box
  5. Click "Next>"
  6. When the "Summary" Dialog box appears, Select "Finish".
    MPLAB X will create a new project that will appear in the MPLAB X IDE Projects window
  7. After the new project is built, under the "Debug" menu select "Debug Project (PIC32_9303DEMO.debug)". Messages will appear in the Output window starting with "Launching" and ending with "User program running"

    The device is now loaded and running.
  8. A new window label will appear next to the other window labels in the bottom part of the screen: "DBPRINTF"

    Select "DBPRINTF"

    This window shows the IPv4 address that was given to the board by DHCP or was created by AutoIP.
  9. Use an Internet browser to connect to the board using the IPv4 address:


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