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Nios II Acceleration Reference Design.

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Nios II Network Acceleration Reference Design (readme.txt)
This readme.txt file accompanies the Nios II Network
Acceleration Reference Design.


This file explains how to unpackage the reference design, 
and how the different elements are packaged.


This reference design has been packaged as a ZIP archive
called "". To unpack the contents, 
UNZIP this archive into any directory on your workstation.

File Contents

The files for this reference design have the following 
directory structure, using the base directory:

	\- demo
	\- tcp_sender
	\- mtip_hardware
	\- iniche_software

A description of the folder contents can be found below:

Folder		Contents
demo 		Test files for running the demo of
		the reference design
tcp_sender	The host application (binary and 
		source) for running the network benchmark
mtip_hardware	Quartus II hardware project for the system,
		based on the MoreThanIP MAC-NET core.
iniche_software Nios II IDE software project for the 
		application, based on InterNiche NicheStack.
First Steps

After unpacking the source files, please begin reading the 
readme file entitled "Network_Acceleration_Readme.doc" found
in the install directory "network_acceleration".



   Thank you for evaluating the Time Limited 1 hr Interniche TCP/IP Web Server,
   FTP Server and Telnet Server Demo

   Please contact or for more information.

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