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InterNiche Dual Stack+Web Server Demo for Infineon's XMC4800+EtherCAT

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This document provides instructions for downloading and execution of the 41R_xmc4800.elf Project.

The demo includes the following functionality:

  • TCP + IPv4 + IPv6
  • Embedded Web Server
  • AJAX presentation of dynamic data
  • Technical data on most InterNiche products
  • Dynamic presentation of internal counters and statistics
  • 30 Minute Time Limited Operation

Downloading and running the demo:

  1. Make the physical connection between your board (Infineon XMC4700 / XMC4800 Relax Kit Series-V1) and your PC (USB). Also connect the board to your network (Ethernet).
  2. Download 41R_xmc4800.elf to the location where you will build your project
  3. Create a new project in DAVE-4.1 IDE:
    1. Select File | New | DAVE Project
    2. Give it a project name and verify the location of where the project will reside
    3. Select Infineon Projects | ARM-GCC Library | Empty Project (only Tool Chain option is ARM-GCC Library)
    4. Select on Microcontroller Selection Page : XMC4800-F144x2048
    5. Click "Finish" to complete creating the project
  4. Add the binary file to the project
    1. File | Import | File System
    2. Click "Next>"
    3. Browse to the directory where the binary file resides and select the file
    4. Click "Finish"
  5. Create a Run/Debug configuration:
    1. Project | Active Project Properties | Run/Debug Settings
    2. New | GDB SEGGER J-Link Debugging
    3. Launch configuration page will appear. Enter the name of the binary file to launch in "C/C++ Application" field
    4. Click "OK"
  6. Click "OK" to complete the project Properties setting
  7. If using a serial port, configure your output handler to 115200/8/1/N and wire in the serial port to p1.8 (tx) and p1.1 (rx). No line driver is needed. (See inset picture)
  8. Download and run the application:
    1. Click on the "Debug" icon and select the newly created Debug configuration. The IDE will automatically download the binary to the board.
    2. In the "Debug" window, click on the Green arrow or hit "F8" to start the application. The device is now running.
  9. From the serial port 'console' type the command:
    iface -i 1
    and note the IPv4 and IPv6 (link) addresses of the demo
  10. In a commercial web browser, enter the client IP address: of the board. For IPv4, this will take the form '' and for IPv6 it should resemble 'http://[FE80::211:22FF:FE02:202]'

Special Note:
This demo uses the fixed Ethernet MAC address of 00:11:22:02:02:02 and so ONLY ONE COPY OF THE DEMO CAN RUN ON THE NETWORK

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