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InterNiche embLibrary Demo for Infineon's 4500 Relax Kit

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This time-limited demo runs on an XMC 4500 Relax board and was
created using Infineon's DAVE tools and InterNiche's embedded TCP
and HTTP libraries (see for product details).
Following 30 minutes of operation, the board must be reset.

In addition to basic TCP/IPv4 operation, the HTTP portion of the
demo utilizes AJAX for dynamic data updates, including obtaining
updated information from a remote website.

This distribution contains three files:
1. "Readme.txt"         - this file
2. "program_xmc.jflash" - a download script
3. "xmc4500.bin"        - the actual download image

To run the demo you will need:
*  Serial cable to your PC (optional).
*  Ethernet cable connected to a network.
*  USB micro cable (for power and download).

*  Plug in the ethernet cable.
*  Plug in the USB cable to the opposite side of the board from the ethernet.
*  Wire in the serial port to p0.0 (tx) and p0.1 (rx). No line driver is needed.
*  "\Program Files\SEGGER\JLinkARM_V480f\JLink.exe"  program_xmc.jflash
   ( Your version of JLink files may be different )
*  If using a serial port, configure your output handler to 115200/8/1/N

*  The board should boot now.
*  IP address is assigned by DHCP.

Special Note:
*  This demo uses the fixed Ethernet MAC address of 00:11:22:33:44:66

Once the binary is downloaded and the board boots, you should see
on your serial port something resembling the following:

|  InterNiche Embedded TCP/IP, v2.1emb (XMC4XXX) (FreeRTOS)
|  Copyright 2014 by InterNiche Technologies. All rights reserved.
|  ** Evaluation version. Shutdown in 30 minutes **
|  prepped 2 interfaces, initializing...
|  Auto-negotiation: 100 Mbps, Full Duplex
|  Interface 0: Link is UP
|  task: netmain, stksiz: 3072
|  task: clock tick, stksiz: 3072
|  task: console, stksiz: 3072
|  task: httpsvr, stksiz: 3072
|  task: webserver, stksiz: 4096
|  IP address of et1 :
|  Acquired IP address via DHCP client for interface: et1
|  IP address :
|  Subnet Mask:
|  Gateway    :
|  upnp_callback: interface et1: status=3
|  upnp_callback: interface lo0: status=1

To use the demo, access the device with any commercial browser. In the
case of the above example, the address would be

For more information, please contact
May, 2014

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