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InterNiche Embedded Library Demo for LPC1788

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This document introduces the embTCP, embHTTP and embTelnet demonstration running on the Embedded Artists LPC1788-2 Developer's Kit. The demo was created using CodeRed's LPCXpresso tools and the FreeRTOS Operating System.

The download consists two files:

  1. 1788_demo.axf - The download image
  2. readme.txt - A text document containing the following:
    Target:    LPC1788
    Toolchain: Code Red 4.3.0
    Product:   embedded libs v2.01
    Modules:   TCP/IPv4, HTTP, Telnet
    O/S:       FreeRTOS
    Platform:  Embedded Artists LPC1788-32 Developer's Kit
    Combines the Telnet example1 code and the HTTP example2 code into
    a single demo application. The demo is time-limited to 30 minutes.
    The IPv4 address is obtained from a DHCP server or by AutoIPv4.
    Telnet clients can log into the demo using the username "guest"
    and password "guest" (no quotes) and can then submit CLI commands.
    Web browsers can access via http://<ip address> and browse pages,
    perform forms processing and execute CLI commands.
    To install the demo:
    1. Open CodeRed and create a new Red Suite C project.
    2. Select the correct processor, and use 'None' for cmsis and dsp.
    3. Files->Import->Filesystem and browse to the directory with the demo.
    4. Check the .axf file of the demo and 'Finish'
    5. Click the 'Program Flash' button.
    The demo should now be running. If you wish, the CLI is available
    throug the com port with 115200/81N.

The demonstration software will execute for 30 minutes, at the end of which the software will stop. It can be restarted by downloading the software again.


The demo software allows users to test the following network protocols: TCP/IPv4, HTTP, Telnet, and Ping. The NicheTool CLI and Menu System can be used to display statistics and configuration information. To get started, type "help" or "?" at the NicheTool prompt.

HTTP Server

The HTTP Server can be accessed from a Web Browser application by setting the URL in the Browser to the IP address of the NicheStack software. The HTML demo is provided in source code form to licensees of the embHTTP product. It demonstrates presentation of dynamic data, form processing and a remote CLI.

Telnet Server

The Telnet Server can be accessed from a Telnet Client application. The user can login with the username "guest" and the password "guest". After logging in, the user is presented with the NicheTool command prompt. NicheTool commands can be entered to display various NicheStack statistics and configuration information.


For additional product information, please contact:

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    51 E Campbell Avenue, Suite 160
    Campbell, CA 95008
    Tel: + 1 408 540 1160
    Fax: + 1 408 540 1161

Thank for evaluating the Time Limited InterNiche embTCP, embHTTP, and embTelnet Demo

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