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InterNiche Network Integration Kit for TI / Luminary Micro's LM3S8962 Ethernet+CAN Evaluation Kit

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NicheLite for LM3S8962

The NicheLite for LM3S8962 product includes the InterNiche Nichelite TCP/IP Stack, HTTP Server, FTP Server, and TFTP Server and Client. The target platform is the LM3S8962 Ethernet+CAN Evaluation Kit from TI / Luminary Micro.

Loading the Software

To download the NicheLite software to the Evaluation Board, please follow these steps. The Evaluation Kit Quickstart documentation provides additional information on the CodeSourcery software.

  1. Install the CodeSourcery software and FTDI drivers on the Host PC.
  2. Unzip the NicheLite software onto the Host PC.
  3. Connect a USB cable between the Host PC and the Evaluation board. Connect a ethernet cable between the Host network and the Evaluation Board.
  4. Download the nichelite.bin file to the Evaluation Board using the lmiflash utility program available from the TI / Luminary Micro website (
    $$ lmiflash -m -v -r -f nichelite.bin
  5. Configure a terminal emulator program, such as HyperTerminal, to communicate with the virtual COM port of the Evaluation Board. The COM port should be set to: 115200 baud, no parity, 1 stop bit, and no flow control.
  6. Press the Reset button on the Evaluation Board to reset the board and start the NicheLite software. The output from the NicheLite software initialization will appear in the Terminal emulator window, followed by the NicheTool "INET>" prompt.

Notes about the NicheLite software:

  1. The software attempts to obtain an IP address via DHCP. If there is no DHCP server available, the default is:
    IP address:
    Subnet mask:
    MAC address:  00:4c:4d:33:53:02
    The Evaluation Board's IP address is displayed on the OLED display.
  2. The web server can be accessed by setting a web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Mozilla's Firefox, to the URL: (or the IP address obtained from the DHCP server).
  3. The FTP server can be accessed by a FTP client running on the Host PC. The NicheLite Virtual File System contains several large files for use in evaluating data transfer performance. A typical FTP sequence might be:
    $$ ftp
    User: guest
    Password: guest
    ftp> dir
    ftp> binary
    ftp> get mem2M mem2M
    ftp> put mem2M null
    ftp> quit
  4. A Telnet client running on the Host PC can access the Telnet Server using the login name 'guest' and password 'guest'.
  5. The TFTP server must be enabled via the 'tfsr' command at the "INET>" prompt prior to running the TFTP client on the Host PC. The TFTP server can be exercised from the Host PC via commands such as:
    tftp -i GET mem2M mem2M
    tftp -i PUT mem2M null
  6. The NicheLite software has a one-hour time limit. After one hour, the software will stop and the Evaluation Board will need to be rebooted.


Trouble Shooting


If you are unable to access the demo, please check the following:

  1. That the USB and ethernetl cables are correctly connected, and the FTDI drivers are installed on the Host PC.
  2. Please make sure that your PC configuration is as follows:
    IP Address : 10.0.0.x
    Subnet Mask:
    Gateway    :
    Serial port: 115200 baud, no parity, 1 stop, no flow control
  3. There is no other device on the network with the same IP address as the LM3S8962 Evaluation Board.
  4. If you are still unable to execute the demo please contact


For additional product information, please contact:

InterNiche Technologies, Inc.

    51 E Campbell Avenue, Suite 160
    Campbell, CA 95008
    Tel: + 1 408 540 1160
    Fax: + 1 408 540 1161


Thank for evaluating the Time Limited 1 hr InterNiche TCP/IP Web Server, FTP Server and Telnet Server Demo

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