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InterNiche TCP and HTTP Demo for MCB2300 (Keil Tools)

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Readme for InterNiche TCP/IP distribution, MCB2300+Keil tools project directory

			InterNiche Demo for LPC

This document describes the demo program for the LPC23xx processor
family.  The demo program is an implementation of the web server, FTP
client and server, and Telnet server modules, the NicheStack TCP/IP stack,
and the NicheTask operating system. The product includes the following:

   Web server
   FTP server
   Telnet server
   DHCP client
   Virtual File System
   Command-line user interface

The InterNiche demo software is targeted for the Keil MCB2300 Evaluation
Board, using the Keil uVision3 toolchain and ULink JTAG interface.

To download the demo application:

   1. Download and unzip the demo software into a directory on the Host PC.
   2. Connect the MCB2300 Evaluation Board to the Host PC and a network.
   3. Connect the MCB2300 COM0 serial port to a Terminal Emulator 
      application on the Host PC.

      Configure the PC COM port: 115200 baud, 8-bit, 1 stop, no parity, 
      no hardware handshake.

   4. Start the Keil uVision3 IDE on the Host computer.
   5. Open the project file, NicheStack.Uv2.
   6. Select "Flash -> Download".

The InterNiche demo software will automatically begin execution after it has 
been successfully downloaded to the MCB2300.

Start-up messages will be displayed through the serial port connection.
As configured, when the demo application is started, DHCP is
used to acquire a network IP address. 

The Web server module can be accessed through a browser using the 
URL:, where is the IP address returned 
by the DHCP server and displayed on the MCB23xx board's LCD. The FTP Server
and Telnet Server modules can be accessed using Client applications running
on the Host PC (userid=guest, password=guest). 

NicheTool commands can be entered through the terminal emulator.

Alternate IP Addresses
The external interrupt button, labeled 'INT0' on the Evaluation Board,
can be used to select alternate IP addresses. After DHCP acquires an
address or times out (about 30 seconds), pressing the 'INT0' button will
set the IP address to Pressing the 'INT0' button again will
set the IP address to A third button press restarts DHCP.

LED Display
The demo software has a one-hour timeout. The LEDs display the 
time remaining until the program exits; 59 to 1 minute, then 59 to
0 seconds.  If a fatal error occurs during software execution,
the LEDs display an error code:

   0x8z   Program exit, exit code is 'z'.
   0xE1   Illegal instruction
   0xE2   Unknown software interrupt
   0xE3   Instruction access error
   0xE4   Data access error

P0.23 .. P0.16 are bits 7..0, respectively.

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