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Embedded Library demo for STM32xx-G-Eval Boards

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This document describes the embLibraries Demo for the STM3220-G-EVAL, STM3221-G-EVAL, STM3240-G-EVAL and STM3241-G-EVAL boards. The product consists of the following four files:

  1. IAR/Running nichelib.out IAR.txt - Instructions for downloading using IAR tools
  2. IAR/nichelib.out - Executable Output from IAR tools
  3. Keil/Running iniche.axf Keil.txt - Instructions for downloading using Keil tools
  4. Keil/iniche.axf - Executable Output from IAR tools

The embTCP and embHTTP Demo for STM32Fxxx-G-Eval boards is an application based on InterNiche's embTCP and embHTTP pre-compiled binary products. Two versions are provided, one created using Keil's uVision (v4.22.22.0) and one via IAR's EWARM (v6.40.2). embTCP includes the FreeRTOS operating system.

The demo includes the following functionality:

  • TCP/IP
  • Web Server
  • AJAX presentation of dynamic data
  • 60 Minutes of operation
  • Technical data on all STM32 embedded library products, incuding footprint requirements

Running iniche.axf with Keil uVision

  1. Create a new uVision project.
  2. Select your STM board type when asked to select the device for the target.
  3. Select "No" for "Copy STM32Fxxx Startup Code".
  4. Copy iniche.axf into the project directory
  5. Add iniche.axf to Source Group 1.
  6. Open Options dialog and select the DEBUG tab.
  7. Click radio button for: "use: ULINK Cortex Debugger"
  8. Select "Output" tab.
    • Uncheck boxes for Debug Information and Browse Information.
    • Change "Name of Executable" to "iniche"
  9. Click Download button and the run iniche.axf.
  10. Reset board. Screen will display IP address of target.
  11. Browse to IP address using commercial web browser.

Running Nichelib.out with IAR Embedded Workbench

  1. Create an empty IAR project.
  2. Add a single file: nichelib.out
  3. Save the project.
  4. Right-click project name and select Options
  5. From General Options, set the DEVICE target for your board. (e.g. ST STM32D207IG)
  6. Click Debugger and from Driver list select download method for your board ( e.g., "J-Link/J-Trace" )
  7. Click OK
  8. Click Download button to download nichelib.out
  9. Click the run button.
  10. Notice the DHCP-acquired IP address presented on the screen
  11. Browse to that IP address from any commercial browser


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