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Platform Support for ARC / MQX / DesignWare

InterNiche has collaborated with Synopsys to integrate all of its NicheStack TCP/IP v4/v6 and related protocol modules to the ARC MQX operating system and the ARC development platform so that ARC users can be confident that their integration efforts will go quickly and smoothly. Our collaboration work with Synopsys provides ARC licensees and their customers proven source code modules that have been shipped in hundreds of millions of products from the some of the world's leading companies down to some of the most innovative start ups.

The modular and flexible design of NicheStack and its software protocol modules enable embedded designers to rapidly integrate, configure, and tune the stack for their system. NicheStack also provides developers with a complete software solution, supporting a wide range of security protocols (SSL, SSH, IPSec, etc.) and applications (SNMP, HTTP server, FTP server, etc.) and more.

All InterNiche software is supplied as "C" source files with complete documentation. There is no guess work about how to integrate or use it, and if you have questions we are here to answer them.

A typical ARC/MQX package would feature:

The web server pages typically consist of static and dynamic information displays drawn from the NicheTool internal stack diagnostics and monitoring databases.

For evaluation purposes, for each of these platforms, a run-time image or library is available that has been tested for development tool compatibility and run-time interoperability with the other network and device management components.

For your own demonstration of InterNiche performance and quality, simply choose the specific platform environment that matches your requirements and download the evaluation image. If your needs are more specific, please contact us for evaluation support configured to match your individual needs.

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