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ESMTP Client for Embedded Devices - Email Reports and Diagnostics From Your Device

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InterNiche ESMTP Highlights

  • Sockets interface and simple user API makes Emailintegration quick and easy
  • Implements ESMTP protocol standards:
    • RFC1035,
    • RFC2045,
    • RFC2046,
    • RFC2920,
    • RFC3207,
    • RFC4422,
    • RFC4616,
    • RFC4954
  • Flexible API features for configuration and management
  • Supports none, single and multiple attachments
  • Message body and attachments from multiple sources, including function output, CLI commands, file, buffer.
  • Supports multiple recipients, CC and BCC
  • SSL (port 443) and STARTTLS (port 587) security when used with SSL/TLS (Legacy) or Verifiable TLS/SSL
  • IS IDEAL for running remote and timed diagnostics
  • No "GPL Contamination"
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Email is an effective tool for reporting events and conditions from networked devices. But since sending insecure messages can expose your network to unauthorized access, InterNiche has developed an email client that takes advantage of the latest in secured communications. When used in conjunction with NicheStack™ SSL, EMSTP sends secure, encrypted email to protect all information sent from an embedded device.

NicheStack ESMTP client is optimized implementations of standard email protocols specifically engineered for the requirements of device management and networked applications. ESMTP can be used to send alarms, alerts and status information from embedded devices to a secure email server. InterNiche's ESMTP package allows your deployed products to send up-to-the-minute information using all of today's standard email mechanisms and through both private and public servers.

esmtp flow

With InterNiche's ESMTP, your deployed device can:

NicheStack EMSTP has the same small footprint you have come to expect from InterNiche protocol modules, offers straight forward integration and is easily configured to connect to secure email servers, including GMail and Yahoo.

Port 25 (obsolete) Server Negotiation Email Message
Port 443 (Yahoo) Server Negotiation Email Message
Port 587 (gmail) Server Negotiation STARTTLS Server Negotiation Email Message
Legend Plain Text Secure

InterNiche is the specialist in royalty-free embedded TCP/IP protocols optimized for maximum performance and minimum memory footprint and are provided as source code. NicheStack IPv4 and IPv6 products are engineered for smooth integration and low run-time overhead to address the challenges faced by embedded system development teams in adding networking, security and management to low cost devices.

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