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Sometimes You Don't Need the Source Code

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It's always great to have the source code but let's face it, the flexibility of being able to trace, modify and enhance your protocol code it isn't always necessary. And if you trust the company providing a pre-ported, pre-compiled and tested object library, then maybe the cost savings and simpler license may make your decision to choose InterNiche's Embedded Libraries an easy one.

Locked to specific microcontrollers, the Embedded TCP, Embedded HTTP Server and Embedded Telnet Server libraries are ideal for prototyping, limited production products and lightly-staffed development groups having little expertise in network programming.

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In addition to the detailed technical documentation and example applications included with each product, InterNiche's Embedded Libraries are pre-ported to your hardware, selected toolchain and include a real-time preemptive operating system. You will still enjoy the fun of mapping a few wrapper functions to your own file system, sizing the buffer pools to fit your memory budget and writing your own application (but that is probably what you should be spending your software development time doing anyway).


Being pre-compiled, much of the flexibility inherent in the source code versions of these libraries will not be available to you, but for engineers looking to precisely tune the code and data sizes of the networking stack, integrate other protocols or have the flexibility of re-compiling for other microprocessors, migrating to our standard products is a very straight forward process. Just contact to discuss your options.

The Embedded Libraries

embTCP™ embTCP is an IPv4 implementation, ported to the FreeRTOS™ operating system. It supports BSD Sockets, includes both DNS and DHCP clients, an Ethernet driver, example application programs and in many cases the source code for the PHY in the event that your development design doesn't precisely match the evaluation board used during our development and testing.
embDUAL™ embDUAL is an IPv4+IPv6 implementation, ported to the FreeRTOS™ operating system. In addition to all of the features of embTCP, embDUAL supports simultaneous operation of IPv4 and IPv6-based applications. If appropriate for your application, it is possible to even deactivate one or ther other. The IPv6 stack passes the Phase-II TAHI protocol conformance suites, so you can be confident that your product will interoperate on your customer's network.
embHTTP™ embHTTP provides an HTTP v1.1 server, relying upon embTCP or embDUAL for its transport and providing an easy way to web-enable your application with both dynamic and static content. Its design makes it easy to present real-time state and status, examine statistics and even upload files to your target device.
embTelnet™ embTelnet provides remote console capabilities to your embedded device. It can take advantage of the menu system and CLI provided by embTCP (or embDUAL), or pass its input directly to your application. It supports multiple sessions and your own userid/password logic.
embFTP™ embFTP provides remote access to your embedded device's file system. It operates over IPv4 and/or IPv6, integrates your own userid/password validation mechanism and can be configured to support multiple simultaneous sessions.

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