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Networking Protocol Software for Embedded Processors
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Pre-Compiled TCP + Dual IPv4/IPv6 Library for Embedded Designs

embDual Library - Key Features

  • BSD Sockets
  • Fragmentation and re-assembly
  • Loop back interface ( and ::1)
  • Support for Auto-IP (IPv4) Address Assignment
  • Support for IPv6 Auto-Configuration (RFC4862)
  • DHCP Client (IPv4)
  • DNS Client
  • NicheTool (which may be largely disabled if desired)
  • Versatile buffer management scheme
  • Programming Examples
  • Simultaneous IPv4 + IPv6 Operation
  • Ability to disable either IPv4 or IPv6
  • DEBUG and NON-DEBUG versions of libraries

InterNiche has used its years of experience providing networking source code modules and applied the same high level of expertise to create the embDUAL™ embedded libraries. embDUAL is an IPv4+IPv6 implementation, ported to the FreeRTOS™ operating system and supports simultaneous operation of IPv4 and IPv6-based applications. and passes the Phase-II TAHI protocol conformance suites, so you can be confident that your product will interoperate on your customer's network.

embDUAL also includes (at no charge) a small and powerful Pre-emptive RTOS and Ethernet driver pre-ported to the licensed processor.