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Integration Services

At InterNiche, we believe that contributing to your success means more than just developing great product technology. That's why we also offer specialist networking expertise and consulting resources with a track record in connected device implementations that can help your team get ahead in the product development race.

Our key value proposition as a development partner revolves around an advanced understanding both the internal logic and the applications of networking software, with a hands-on appreciation of platform electronics, software development approaches, and the dynamics of our customer's commercial situation. Our focus on developing depth of knowledge in this rapidly evolving space is vital in underpinning our ability to be a true development partner, and to your ability to get the highest productivity from a development team.

InterNiche integration architects have a proven track record of bringing timely and cost effective expertise to networked device development challenges. Specialist skills include:

Available on a daily rate or fixed price basis, based at your site or as an InterNiche located subproject team in close touch with your own resources. Please contact us for further information.

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